Tuesday, October 28, 2014


today is the anniversary of sandy:

it is also the anniversary of the day c.b. and i were supposed to go see louis c.k. live:

it was bad luck that we didn't get to go to the show (although super good luck that sandy didn't really affect us otherwise), but i DID remember a year later that we were supposed to get to see him next time he was in town, and this happened:

followed by this:

and finally this:

no response! despite my enthusiastic use of the exclamation point! i guess the bad luck continues: since i no longer get to do anything past 6:00 pm, even if a new show came to town, i'd probably miss it. bummer.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fading Away

so, i'd heard that after having a baby, the extra lush hair that didn't fall out during pregnancy would start vacating my scalp:

but, who cares? i've got such thick hair--thought i--that a few thousand won't make a difference:

I WAS WRONG. the horrible luck here is that my hair didn't fall out in convenient areas where no one would notice. NOPE:

i am now the proud owner of a receding hairline. and if that weren't enough, cabana baby has started ripping out fistfuls from underneath:

pretty soon i will be bald. which wouldn't be so bad except that winter is coming, and it's chilly! i should've listened when +virginia  warned me not to have children....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Property of Erin Elan

you guys, something wonderful has happened:

that's correct, property brothers is on netflix!

but this isn't all good luck, since i JUST finished my maternity leave and had to go back to work. i can't sit around watching it all day every day like i want:

but, since there are only three seasons, i suppose in the end, even that is kind of lucky.

welcome to the family, jonathan and drew!