Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aunt Sandy Flips Us the Bird on Her Way Out of Town

despite the fact that our windows are still taped:

hurricane sandy is apparently over.

you'd think that having a hurricane would be open and closed bad luck, a textbook case:

however, it turns out that you can have some good luck in a natural disaster. for instance, our roku was working when we needed it to, and we didn't get flooded (this would have been extremely bad luck considering we're on the 6th floor). nor did any of our windows break, despite the really angry high winds whistling through at 90 mph:

i would say these are great lucks actually.

on the flip side, even though our office has no power, and the subways are still down, i am expected to work. now, working from home can be very productive. because i'm not constantly distracted by free food or coworkers, it's a great chance to get shit done:

however, my apartment is still in disarray, so i'm totally distracted by wanting to nest and make it into a proper home. normally, i'd use my nights to make things more homey around here, but (and here's the real tragedy of hurricane sandy) all of my deliveries to make my house more homey are being sent to the office and not my house. see the problem?

so i'm stuck working from an apartment that is not up to snuff with no way to get it in better working order. i think i found amazon's fatal flaw.

and no, i can't go out and buy things i need because they're already on the way. also i'm supposed to be working!

ugh. hurricanes are the worst!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Moving Continued

maybe you knew this, but moving continues to suck even once you are moved.

for one thing, you have to buy a bunch of stuff, which is expensive and not even fun stuff:

for a second thing, you have this idea in your head of what your new space should look like:

 but as it turns out, once you put your own crappy old stuff in a space, it ends up looking...kind of like your old place, but more disappointing:

so, you try to class it up. cabana boy* and i are working on this. i've been buying everything possible on, in a desperate attempt to make things nicer. thanks to amazon prime, i've been getting all of the stuff i buy quickly:

yesterday, i tried to mount this lovely pendant light that we got for our front hall. i scuttled up the ladder, and took down the old fixture. fine. easy. done.

next i went to mount the new lighting fixture. problem the first: the hole in the ceiling was too big for the mounting bracket:

problem the second: the canopy was too small for the hole:

problem the third: there was no way to thread the wires through the top and out the other end. additionally, the patching putty i brilliantly put up on the ceiling before this process was gooping off on my fingers, clothes and ladder.

basically, it just didn't work out at all. plus the dog is scared of the ladder and there is now no light in our hall and a possibly hazardous live wire hanging out of the ceiling. so...yeah. a lot of bad luck on that. hopefully, it turns around soon....

*seeing as how i actually call my partner cabana boy, i figured, why break with tradition? let the world know how things stand between us!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My New Boots Reconsidered*

the other day was moving day. i woke up way too early for no reason and turned off my rain-making noise machine to discover it wouldn't turn off. being the brilliant person that i am, i eventually realized that my machine was not, in fact, broken, rather, it was raining outside. a quick check on my phone confirmed that it was supposed to rain all day:

major bad luck! i had to be in the office by no later than 1 pm, and this would surely slow the whole process down. gross.

then as i was rolling up my rug, i found a giant latent ink stain:

after about 45 minutes of scrubbing, i finally got it removed, but my poor fingers were all chapped and cranky for the rest of the day. hmph.

i decided to go downstairs and check things out, and that's when i discovered my rain boots! i hadn't packed them! oh, what joy!

i put the suckers on, and traipsed outside. that's when i noticed that it was street sweeping day on my side of the street. for exactly 15 more minutes, in fact. i galloped outside and planted myself firmly in front of my apartment, thus securing the perfect spot for the moving truck.

the movers arrived a few minutes later and immediately got to work, all smiles and good times. but, well, it turns out, i have a lot of stuff. like, so. much. they were NOT done by noon when i had to go into the city. partner stayed, and i had to come back later.

long story short, it took the poor schmoes nine hours to pack up my place and move everything into the cavernous apartment:

i honestly don't know how to color code that one. on the one hand, totally sucked for the movers. but on the other hand, it would've taken partner and me fully twice as long and we would've broken shit. and probably murdered each other. i guess we'll let deb decide if this one comes out good or bad.

in conclusion, moving sucks, but movers are the best. also, my boots are great luck.

*for references to the love of my new boots, see my previous blog's entries here. or here.  or here or here....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Democracy Doesn't Work

it is the apathy of the people that is making this country (or blog readership) the disappointment that it is today. only ONE person cared enough to vote on good and bad luck colors. ONE person--who, might i add, wasn't even the person to suggest the color scheme in the first place!

and because the rest of the seven of you reading chose not to vote, not only does deb win this polling, but you have the misfortune (bad luck, for those of you who don't know it) to NEVER GET A SAY AGAIN.

never let it be said that one vote doesn't make a difference. yep. congratulations, deb. from now on, this blog shall be a deb-tatorship. all hail deb! let us all hope she is a benevolent ruler. personally, i think it could go either way....

Friday, October 19, 2012

(Un)lucky in Lunch

this morning i got into work in time for free hot breakfast. i went ahead and had cereal because it's delicious:

but i DID go to the cafeteria to get some avocado for my favorite snack:

and bad luck! they had guacamole instead of avocado. i can't have avocado on rice cakes with guacamole. that'd be like some perverted version of...well, guacamole with chips, i suppose. i was hugely disappointed, but i figured, lunch brings another meal, and i would rectify this grave awfulness.

but no.

at lunch, i thought i'd try egg salad. on rice cakes. but there was no egg salad!

then i thought, ok, i'll make some tuna salad and sprinkle a little fresh ground pepper on it. but there was no mayonaise or a pepper grinder. i had to use a packet of pepper:

how unlucky is that?

and THEN i poured water all over the table when i tried to get myself a drink. 

i went to clean it up and ended up knocking the whole glass over. water spilled onto my phone (bad luck), but it doesn't seem any more broken than usual (good luck).

plus, then kris had to clean it up because he didn't trust me not to wreak more havoc (great luck).

i won't even MENTION the froyo flavors, as they were so disappointing.

i know. and here you thought YOU had bad luck today....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

#Rock the Vote

i am going to be gone for election day, so i had to send away for a vote by mail ballot. i have to say, it's some pretty good luck to be in a country where i get to vote, and i did so today:

maybe you'll vote, too? or not. if you don't vote, then my vote will be worth more. yeah, democracy!

speaking of voting, a friend recommended that i could really get a better sense of the good luck vs. the bad luck on this blog if i would just color code each of them. he suggested blue for good luck and brown for bad. 

i said brown always gets a bad rap. 

he said brown is the color of poop and therefore deserves what it gets.

i said brown is the color of chocolate and should be revered.

he said brown is the color of me and is obviously the worst for that reason, if for no other.


what does that have to do with voting? nothing. but i thought i'd see what y'all think about the color-coding. should i differentiate the good luck from the bad through color denotation? if so, what colors? let your voice be heard!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ups and Downs

i work for this pretty big company in a big, old building in chelsea. lots of things about it are good lucky. for instance free food:

and lovely views:

but somethings about working in this big old building aren't so great. like there are so many people who work there, and not enough elevators. so i end up waiting forEVER to get to my floor:

at the beginning of the day today, the bad luck was front and center. when the elevator finally came, it was SO CROWDED i could barely shove on (don't worry, i DID shove on):

it was like the crowded subway incident, and pretty lame, to boot. i was so annoyed, that i shied away from using the elevator again for most of the day. let me tell you, using the stairs is for healthy people; i'm going to see if we can get an escalator up in this joint....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weathered Leases

i live in new york city:

when you live in new york, you probably rely on the mta to get you to work each day. 

some days are awesome:

and some days suck major lollipop:

kind of a crap shoot on any given day, and today was a bad luck train day. despite it being beautiful this morning and my leaving the apartment before 8:30, both trains i got on were PACKED:

and then getting home was even WORSE because it started raining, and obviously: 



it took over an hour to get home. gross!

on the plus side, my partner and i signed the lease to our new place today, FINALLY! i wasn't sure it was ever going to happen, but it did, and this place is pretty huge*:

so i'm stoked. all in all, i'd say it came out as a good luck day. yeah! 

*for new york, let's not go crazy

Monday, October 15, 2012

My name is Erin

hey. my name is erin. this is what i'm wearing today:

sometimes i am lucky:

and sometimes, i am unlucky:

these are examples of little lucks and unlucks, but sometimes bigger stuff happens, too. i have decided to start tallying these things up to see where i land. is the glass half empty? is it half full? am i drowning in a puddle of baby tears? i guess we'll have to wait and see....