Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Bose By Any Other Name

because of all the traveling, i decided to get some noise-canceling headphones. luckily, i got them on sale, so they were an entire $20 less than they would have been otherwise:

i got some good quality headphones, but unfortunately, they require a battery:

but--opening them up--it turns out a battery WAS included! the right size and everything!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Post 4

in a horrible twist of bad luck, it turns out that there is only one humpback whale left in the world:

for some reason, i am the sole person appointed to document this noble species before it dies out forever. what an honor!

unfortunately--and as experienced first-hand in this dream--i have no clue how to document a whale, so i can't actually put anything together:

oh well, goodbye forever humpback!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Travel b(L)og Entry 3

one of the things that is tough for me when i visit other countries is that i hate drinking tepid water:

yes, if anything gives me away as an american, it's probably the ice infatuation:

like every other non-us country, ireland does not seem to care for ice. it's impossible to find the stuff! so it was with an obvious bit of good luck that i happened to find the only ice machine in all of dublin:

so i haven't died of dehydration! as if this weren't enough, i let my eyes drift over to the vending machine...and...

THE BEST VENDING MACHINE ITEM EVER!!! finally, i can citizen's arrest drunken idiots on the street

ima be a vigilante. career change!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Travel (b)Log Entry 2

in my quick turnaround time between bermuda and ireland, i forgot to grab my full toiletries bag*:

i forgot floss:



and worst of all, my conditioner:

i literally had to use lotion in my hair this morning, which, if i were on okcupid, would probably be the most private thing i'd be willing to admit:

and do you know how damp ireland is? my hair is already starting to frizz and fray:

this is no way to make a first impression....

*luckily, i had a supplemental bag with my toothbrush and toothpaste, a little bottle of lotion and not much else.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel (b)Log Entry 1

awhile back, i booked travel to bermuda (with sister):

it was our first time there, and posed as an excellent reward to myself for finishing my thesis*:

the night before travel, i went to bed early to catch the 7 am flight. at 2 am i was awoken by my phone. an automated voice kindly told me that my flight was delayed until 1 pm the following day:

thanks for waking me up to tell me that shitty news! and thanks for giving the role of caller to a robot! if i'm awake, some other human should be awake, too! i couldn't get back to sleep, so i messaged with sister, flight moved up to 10 am:

finally, we arrived in bermuda to beautiful weather, just missing the horrible storms that caused the flight delays:

we dropped stuff off at our vacation rental, then decided to go for a stroll to find the nearby store (quoted as "5 minute ride," must not be that far). very hilly. hot, but we got to main road:

there were no sidewalks:

it took as two days, trespassing, and a several mile journey to eventually make it to the store. but, a whole week there, and we didn't get hit by a car. or scooter, even. Success!
*already credited as good luck

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lucky 100!

lucky me!

lucky you!  

we made it to 100 posts on this collaborative blog that we have. lucky us!


let's celebrate with a lucky cigarette:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

One of Life's Winners

don't worry about why i was at mcdonald's, and focus on this good luck: i was an instant winner!

since i'm 18+ years old and am happy to give my credit card information to anyone:

i can claim my one day video rental of one of literally dozens of movies:

mcdonald's you sweet sonofabitch, you just keep on giving!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why I am a Hero

i really believe in helping the less fortunate. i've spent many hours knitting booties and hats for premature babies:

i spent a month in haiti volunteering to help students pass high school:

i volunteered with meals on wheels:

make a wish:

new york cares:

and i make eye contact with homeless people on the street. but NONE of that comes close to my most recent contribution to society. you see, the other day paul rudd,* david gordon green, emile hirsch and i were chatting.**

emile mentioned that his height was inaccurately posted all over the internet at 5'5" and because i am a hero, i went on a one person quest to right this wrong.

i won't take you through the specifics as they were grueling, arduous, and frankly, a little dangerous, so instead, i'll show you a few choice pictures of the ordeal:

and now, voila!

like i said, i'm a hero.

*My new biggest regret in life is forgetting to wear a ku t-shirt so i could ask paul rudd to sign it.
**by which i MAY mean that they were giving a talk i was attending.