Monday, July 29, 2013

Master of the House


maybe, just maybe, i'll actually get a diploma now:

i'll put it with my other diploma:

and start getting ready to pay back my student loans:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Candyland and Other Bored (sic) Games

the candy man brought me the motherload:

too bad i have no self control:

and we all learned an important lesson. THE END.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What Condition My (Air) Condition(er) Was In Part 2

from phone calls, g-chats, text messages and emails, i have received, it has become quite clear that the suspense of not knowing what happened with my air conditioner and whether it's fixed now is killing america and bankrupting detroit:

in our last episode, we had just discovered that our new air conditioner didn't work:

mara guessed that my lack of desire for cold air was the burdensome cause of the broken unit. WRONG! in fact, i wanted cold air so badly, that i was about to leave c.b. forever and go live on mara's couch:

but before i could make a break for it, i decided to do the midwestern thing and help c.b. pack up the stupid machine to return. we removed it from the window, but decided to give it one final try prior to sending it back:

the stupid extension cord was broken. so, we plugged it in directly, and....IT WORKED!!! blessed cold air came streaming out and onto my sweaty face:

it was a miracle near 30th avenue, and i owe it all to jebus.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

50 Years Young!

because so many people have brought it to my attention, it must be really great luck....taco casa turned a whopping 50 years old this week:

that's right! the place i go to get ~20 burritos to hoard in my home freezer every time i go to topeka:

has survived half a century. mmm....microwaved flour burritos....Nice job, TC!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dropped in to See What Condition My (Air) Condition(er) Was In...Part 1

it's still hot, which is weird. like it's summer or something:

and c.b. and i finally decided to stop messing around with weak-ass air conditioners:

and splurge for that sexy 12,000 btu mama:

after we* spent all night installing it and drowning in a pool of our own sweat that could be poetically likened to a puddle of slurms mckenzie pee:

we plugged it in didn't work. it blew air, just not COLD air, and unless ac units have changed of late, i'm pretty sure that's their job. can you spot what may be wrong with it?

stay tuned for part 2 in the mystery of the broken air conditioner....

*"we" may be more like "he" in this case.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newest Adventures

i've never had worse luck than this. not when amazon was failing me. not when i had scabies. never. what horrible tragedy befell me, you ask? i was this close:


i LITERALLY walked through the same doorway as her (opposite directions) at the same time:

why is that so terrible? BECAUSE I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!

some horrible person  who wanted to see me suffer pointed it out to me later.

and now i'll never have that spin-off tv show i've always wanted:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No More Move

i did it! i FINALLY did it! you see, this level:

was giving me guff. but i was persistent. my thumbs got all sore and my eyes started bleeding but i finally did it! I BEAT LEVEL 88! with 3 stars!

you see? sometimes--not often--but SOMETIMES, life is worth living.