Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update: The Cleavage Issue

i'm not sure if this is good luck or bad luck...maybe you can weigh in.

maybe you've noticed a la this blog, but i've been wearing the same outfit all the time lately:

on the one hand, it's like i'm a cartoon character*:

or possibly a super hero:

but on the other, hand--since i don't have a closet full of the same outfit--maybe it's more like i'm a crazy, singing, bird feeding lady:

what say you?


barret is right. frankly, i was trying to be pg about it and keep my cleavage out of the debate, isn't fair to ask you to give an opinion without all the facts. so, without further adieu, the shirt:

*i'm aware that in blog form i am sort of a cartoon character.

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