Thursday, April 9, 2020

1.5 years later....3 years after that

this post was created 3 years ago but never published. it was so accurate still that i've decided to publish it as is (with the exception of this note). you're welcome....

remember me?

remember when this blog was a thing?

remember when that was a year and a half ago?

yeah. i know. and the thing is, i wasn't even out of material, i had a few posts started:

but i just...didn't do it. and the longer i didn't do it, the harder it became to try to do it:

and then it hit me. or, more accurately, she hit me:

that's right! sister mara single-handedly is responsible for the return of this blog. good luck? bad luck? who can say? but here we are!

will it take? won't it? will they? won't they? we'll just see. we'll take the leap and just....see:

cool? cool. 

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