Friday, April 5, 2013

Ride, Sally, Ride

i flew into california for work last night, and i went to pick up my mid-sized sedan rental car. since i'm baller, i get to skip the line and pick up whatever car the glowy billboard tells me to get:

i went to my stall, and....

seriously? a muscle car*, hertz? i double-checked and billboard had spoken, so i took it, and made my way to my shared housing unit. when i got there, my roommate was already sleeping:

with her door open:

and she was a man:

now, i wouldn't think i'd be so prudish. i mean, i use the ally mcbeal unisex bathroom at work all the time without blinking:

but for some reason, this really freaked me out. i had a terrible night's sleep and switched abodes in the morning. but good luck came out of all this: now i have a two bedroom all to myself!

*Is it good or bad luck to get a muscle rental car?


  1. i think it's good luck the first time it happens. an adventure! definitely bad luck the second.

  2. that's two and a half for good luck. one more half and i'll switch the coloration to reflect.


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