Monday, June 10, 2013

Dream Post 3

i can't believe it, out of nowhere, c.b. proposed to me! i didn't even realize how important it was to to me until the very moment he got down on one knee and:

best of all, he gave me a ring with no stone in it, because he knows i'm not a fan of diamonds:

so considerate! i went through all of the possibilities:

unfortunately, when we told our families, and they huddled around us in one big group, his mom insisted that i take a ring that was a family heirloom:

not my taste at all! plus, it was too small and squeezed my fatty little finger. but what could i do? i had to wear it. but then, something miraculous happened:

i woke up! yep! lucky for me it was all a dream. just like that tv show dallas that everyone is always talking about and watches still. and now i know how important jewelry is to my subconscious. sparkly!

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