Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel (b)Log Entry 1

awhile back, i booked travel to bermuda (with sister):

it was our first time there, and posed as an excellent reward to myself for finishing my thesis*:

the night before travel, i went to bed early to catch the 7 am flight. at 2 am i was awoken by my phone. an automated voice kindly told me that my flight was delayed until 1 pm the following day:

thanks for waking me up to tell me that shitty news! and thanks for giving the role of caller to a robot! if i'm awake, some other human should be awake, too! i couldn't get back to sleep, so i messaged with sister, flight moved up to 10 am:

finally, we arrived in bermuda to beautiful weather, just missing the horrible storms that caused the flight delays:

we dropped stuff off at our vacation rental, then decided to go for a stroll to find the nearby store (quoted as "5 minute ride," must not be that far). very hilly. hot, but we got to main road:

there were no sidewalks:

it took as two days, trespassing, and a several mile journey to eventually make it to the store. but, a whole week there, and we didn't get hit by a car. or scooter, even. Success!
*already credited as good luck

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