Friday, February 15, 2013

Easy Breezy

awhile back, c.b. and i drove my mom's car from new york to kansas, which is a drive that according to google maps should take approximately 20 hours:

but we got lucky! my speed demon ways didn't get us pulled over or crushed between two semis, and we made it in record time (about 18 hours including an hour lunch break):

it was a whirlwind trip, and we had to fly home fewer than 24 hours after we sped into town.

everyone knows that flying is a great way to have your soul sucked out of your body through your left nostril. the trip to the airport was fine, no traffic to speak of, but then, bad luck. we had to wait in LINE to print boarding passes because kansas is still stuck in a time where people look you in the eye. UGH!

then MORE bad luck! c.b.--trying to be considerate and responsible--packed my full-sized toothpaste in his bag, forgetting that we had to fly home. i told him to try to sneak it through, maybe they wouldn't take it, but no. they confiscated the shit out of that toothpaste:

as you know from a previous post, i am a hoarder. not of everything, but of many things, and toothpaste is my number one thing. i need it. i need tubes and tubes of it to feel secure in life, and the one the tsa took from us was PRACTICALLY MY LAST ONE*!! so you can see how devastating this was.

i was pretty sure this was the beginning of a terrible journey, but then the most miraculous thing happened. bree was on our flight!

for those of you who don't know bree, she is the shiniest, most fantastic person ever. i will never be able to explain exactly what it is about bree, but everyone who encounters her knows that it's true. one time, we went to see bree play guitar and alan rickman showed up. why? because BREE IS SO FANTASTIC THAT EVEN ALAN RICKMAN AGREES!!

at any rate, we shared both flights with bree and even got to sit beside her on the second flight. and if that weren't awesome enough, when our flight hit some turbulence and death was on the horizon:

bree calmed us down with an anecdote. how did that work? well, bree is bree. i hope you get lucky and get to hang out with her, too!

*nowhere near my last one.

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