Monday, February 11, 2013

This is Only a Test....

this is what was happening at 6 am in my room on friday:

i'm not a very good sleeper generally, but given that my sound machine was cranked up and it was very dark outside, i was actually sleeping quite well. so when the phone rang, i sat straight up feeling properly panicked:

probably someone was dying. or dead already.  such bad luck! i answered it, said hello, and...

an AUTOMATED VOICE told me that school was still going to occur at a school i don't even attend. seriously, nyu? 6 am? do you think that everyone who goes to your school is still up partying from the night before because SOME OF US ARE OLD. not to mention, i'm not even a student there!

i. was. pissed. worst luck of all, my anger made it so that i couldn't even get back to sleep. this is why no one likes ivy league schools.

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