Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Common Commute

i know how obsessed i can be about subways and what happens with them. like how if i JUST miss one, then i end up crabby all day:

but not today, oh no! and i have to say, things weren't appearing very optimistic. i got to the station, right as a train was pulling up, but my card wouldn't work:

it turns out, i still had my expired card in my bag, and i had to do some additional searching for the right card.

luckily, i had misheard the train direction, and i missed one going the opposite direction! the platform was crowded and the train--as it pulled in a few seconds later--was also crowded. and yet... i was still able to get a seat!

this was particularly awesome because i am wearing boots, with a [low] heel, and i'm not used to heels. so lucky!!

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