Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flying Part One

traveling for work can have its advantages. for one, you get to have a king sized bed all to yourself:

and you get to watch cable tv while you lounge in it:

but in order to get to that heavenly set-up, you first have to get to your destination. enter flying. i probably don't have to tell you what a crap shoot flying can be:

so i won't. this morning's travels started early. so early it was too early to be bright, as it was still super dark out. lame. but, my driver was on time, so i didn't have to panic about what time i would get to the airport. i got through security in record time, and even had time to grab some jamba juice before getting on my flight:

i got on the plane, and--miraculously--it was less than full, so i didn't have to sit next to anyone. but, there my luck ran out. for one, i flew jetblue, but i forgot my headphones, which meant six hours with hgtv shows that i couldn't watch properly:

also, there was no wifi so i couldn't do much on my computer. even if there were internet access, it wouldn't have mattered since my computer died shortly after take-off. jetblue, which is great if you want to watch tv, is not so great if you don't. they don't have a magazine, so i couldn't do the puzzles and entertain myself that way.

in short, i was bored. BORED. but six and a half hours later, i was that much closer to king-sized goodness. which, is good. even if this particular hotel doesn't have hgtv....

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