Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aunt Sandy Flips Us the Bird on Her Way Out of Town

despite the fact that our windows are still taped:

hurricane sandy is apparently over.

you'd think that having a hurricane would be open and closed bad luck, a textbook case:

however, it turns out that you can have some good luck in a natural disaster. for instance, our roku was working when we needed it to, and we didn't get flooded (this would have been extremely bad luck considering we're on the 6th floor). nor did any of our windows break, despite the really angry high winds whistling through at 90 mph:

i would say these are great lucks actually.

on the flip side, even though our office has no power, and the subways are still down, i am expected to work. now, working from home can be very productive. because i'm not constantly distracted by free food or coworkers, it's a great chance to get shit done:

however, my apartment is still in disarray, so i'm totally distracted by wanting to nest and make it into a proper home. normally, i'd use my nights to make things more homey around here, but (and here's the real tragedy of hurricane sandy) all of my deliveries to make my house more homey are being sent to the office and not my house. see the problem?

so i'm stuck working from an apartment that is not up to snuff with no way to get it in better working order. i think i found amazon's fatal flaw.

and no, i can't go out and buy things i need because they're already on the way. also i'm supposed to be working!

ugh. hurricanes are the worst!

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