Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kick the Money Up, Kick the Money Down

today i went onto wikipedia and saw that they were fundraising:

it made me realize that i'm pretty lucky. i'm lucky to have enough money to donate some of it, and i'm lucky that in my non-non-profit (read: for profit) job, i don't have to struggle with whether or not i will have a job tomorrow or the next day.* so, i donated $50:

at that moment, i felt even luckier (read: pleased with myself) that i work for a company that matches my donations. so i went through the motions to get that extra contribution, and i was able to send $50 more dollars their way. which made me feel REALLY good. like the true hero that i am:

lucky, all around! well, then--by chance--i decided to open an email from cards against humanity. it tells us all about the special holiday packs and what they decided to do with the profits from said packs. wanna guess what they did? yuh, they decided to donate it to wikipedia:

this completely dwarfs my contribution!  thanks a lot cards against humanity. now i can't feel smug about my drop in the bucket:

i've just donated for NO REASON! maybe if i explain my situation, they'll give me my money back? i'll check it out.

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