Sunday, December 30, 2012


this past week, i met c.b.'s entire family. considering there are about fifteen million of them,* this was quite the overwhelming prospect:

guest artwork by c.b. (pictured in the middle)

luckily, i really liked them, and they seemed not to hate me entirely. it was totally worth the trip out west to finally get to know them a bit. but--as you may know--flying is really expensive this time of year, and in order not to have to spend the most money ever, we had to get the red eye back home:

this is not very lucky. even worse, due to some sort of soap opera-like weather happening back east, our flight was delayed about an hour and a half, which really sucks because since we flew out of san jose, there is NOTHING TO DO IN THE AIRPORT:

also, apparently, i forgot to pre-pick our seats for the flight. we not only sat apart from each other, but we were both in middle seats...ON THE RED EYE:

it was not a very lucky travel day. when we landed at 8 this morning, my body was shaking from tired, but too much to do in the day to sleep it off. i guess the silver lining is that delirium gives life a hallucinogenic quality:


*actual family member number: 9

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