Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flying 2.0 and the Man Who Cut Off My Mullet

i'm not stoked about all of the traveling i've been doing. i know my lifestyle is totally glamorous:

but i'm over it today. which means i was going into my flight experience already feeling blase. so when i got on the plane (again), i was really hoping it would be a pleasant experience. and i DID manage to remember headphones this time, which is good. but--in the end--it didn't matter.

for one, when i folded down my tray to put my laptop on it, the whole thing was...sticky:

once i got that taken care of, i went to plug in my laptop. but the outlet wasn't working:

which meant that i couldn't do much work before losing power. nevertheless i was going to try. but, then, the internet wasn't working:

so, no internet. no big deal, i thought. i'll just watch satellite tv. but then, horror of horrors! the satellite wasn't working either!

 it sucked. i couldn't work, i couldn't watch tv, and i couldn't buy things. it was the biggest waste of five hours ever. so, thanks a lot flying magically through the air.  a lot of good you've done me!

and THEN i found out i won't even get to see tall mike  (the dude i almost married in vegas, obviously) on this trip:

and NOW--worst of ALL TIME  i can't get the same same on my shirt to be white! how is anyone going to recognize me??

ugh. the only good luck of the day is that i found a headphone splitter on the airplane, so if you ever have to travel with me, you can pacify me by letting me listen to whatever you're listening to and maybe i'll be less annoying. but i doubt it....

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