Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Old Man Baby

normally i am too self-absorbed to talk about other people's luck, but today i'm going to make an exception. that is because this week, i am visiting this guy:

 and he is SO CUTE. and--here's the lucky part--he is SUCH a good baby! he's really mellow, hardly cries, entertains himself and likes to be held. his parents don't even know how lucky they are. the bastards....

but--like so many parents before them--the harsh reality of how much work a baby is has set in. turns out, you don't actually know what they want ever, and it can seem as though there are five of them instead of just the one:

which is why it seems almost necessary to have at least one extra person around to help out. enter, ME! (we all knew it would come back to me eventually, right?) unfortunately for said parents, i'm going home today. good luck with the next 18 years! erin out.

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