Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Secular Rosh Hashanah

today is a new day. it's also a new year, it turns out:

the first meal of this first year turned out to be a lucky one! i went to brunch at cronin and phelan with my sister, her boyfriend, and c.b. we chose there because we were told they were serving brunch, and they have this amazingly delicious french toast:

but when we got there, they were only serving a limited brunch menu--a menu that didn't include french toast! but erin, you may say. you said this was a lucky meal. i did, i did, and here's the lucky part:

our waitress asked the chefs if they'd make us some, and they said yes! we got our sweet, greasy, delicious french toast! sister and i both ordered it separately and each ate exactly half of what we were served. started out the new year wasteful:

happy new year!

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