Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wheel of Fortune

this morning, i was out walking charlie as per usual. she was sniff, sniffing about, pretending she has a sense of smell (she doesn't, she's a sight hound):

when lo and behold! i spotted something shiny. could it be...? YES:

a shiny quarter! who says the economy is in trouble. i found a quarter! do you know what you can buy for a quarter?! so many things!

one buffalo chicken wing:

a gumball:

one paperback book from goodwill:

or--if one were so inclined--a tootsie roll pop:

not that we would EVER buy a tootsie roll pop after what that company did to any rate, i'm practically a millionaire now, so i'm going to contemplate my fortunes and leave you to your poverty. ta-ta! (<-- that's what rich people say.)

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