Monday, October 22, 2012

Democracy Doesn't Work

it is the apathy of the people that is making this country (or blog readership) the disappointment that it is today. only ONE person cared enough to vote on good and bad luck colors. ONE person--who, might i add, wasn't even the person to suggest the color scheme in the first place!

and because the rest of the seven of you reading chose not to vote, not only does deb win this polling, but you have the misfortune (bad luck, for those of you who don't know it) to NEVER GET A SAY AGAIN.

never let it be said that one vote doesn't make a difference. yep. congratulations, deb. from now on, this blog shall be a deb-tatorship. all hail deb! let us all hope she is a benevolent ruler. personally, i think it could go either way....


  1. My love of voting wins the day! I must say this apathy concerns me for the upcoming election. The first rule of a deb-tatorship (best!) is voting is mandatory.

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