Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My New Boots Reconsidered*

the other day was moving day. i woke up way too early for no reason and turned off my rain-making noise machine to discover it wouldn't turn off. being the brilliant person that i am, i eventually realized that my machine was not, in fact, broken, rather, it was raining outside. a quick check on my phone confirmed that it was supposed to rain all day:

major bad luck! i had to be in the office by no later than 1 pm, and this would surely slow the whole process down. gross.

then as i was rolling up my rug, i found a giant latent ink stain:

after about 45 minutes of scrubbing, i finally got it removed, but my poor fingers were all chapped and cranky for the rest of the day. hmph.

i decided to go downstairs and check things out, and that's when i discovered my rain boots! i hadn't packed them! oh, what joy!

i put the suckers on, and traipsed outside. that's when i noticed that it was street sweeping day on my side of the street. for exactly 15 more minutes, in fact. i galloped outside and planted myself firmly in front of my apartment, thus securing the perfect spot for the moving truck.

the movers arrived a few minutes later and immediately got to work, all smiles and good times. but, well, it turns out, i have a lot of stuff. like, so. much. they were NOT done by noon when i had to go into the city. partner stayed, and i had to come back later.

long story short, it took the poor schmoes nine hours to pack up my place and move everything into the cavernous apartment:

i honestly don't know how to color code that one. on the one hand, totally sucked for the movers. but on the other hand, it would've taken partner and me fully twice as long and we would've broken shit. and probably murdered each other. i guess we'll let deb decide if this one comes out good or bad.

in conclusion, moving sucks, but movers are the best. also, my boots are great luck.

*for references to the love of my new boots, see my previous blog's entries here. or here.  or here or here....

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  1. Good luck! You didn't have to do it. Suckers. As long as you tipped them well, otherwise bad luck and they will come to get you.


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