Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ups and Downs

i work for this pretty big company in a big, old building in chelsea. lots of things about it are good lucky. for instance free food:

and lovely views:

but somethings about working in this big old building aren't so great. like there are so many people who work there, and not enough elevators. so i end up waiting forEVER to get to my floor:

at the beginning of the day today, the bad luck was front and center. when the elevator finally came, it was SO CROWDED i could barely shove on (don't worry, i DID shove on):

it was like the crowded subway incident, and pretty lame, to boot. i was so annoyed, that i shied away from using the elevator again for most of the day. let me tell you, using the stairs is for healthy people; i'm going to see if we can get an escalator up in this joint....

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