Friday, October 26, 2012

Moving Continued

maybe you knew this, but moving continues to suck even once you are moved.

for one thing, you have to buy a bunch of stuff, which is expensive and not even fun stuff:

for a second thing, you have this idea in your head of what your new space should look like:

 but as it turns out, once you put your own crappy old stuff in a space, it ends up looking...kind of like your old place, but more disappointing:

so, you try to class it up. cabana boy* and i are working on this. i've been buying everything possible on, in a desperate attempt to make things nicer. thanks to amazon prime, i've been getting all of the stuff i buy quickly:

yesterday, i tried to mount this lovely pendant light that we got for our front hall. i scuttled up the ladder, and took down the old fixture. fine. easy. done.

next i went to mount the new lighting fixture. problem the first: the hole in the ceiling was too big for the mounting bracket:

problem the second: the canopy was too small for the hole:

problem the third: there was no way to thread the wires through the top and out the other end. additionally, the patching putty i brilliantly put up on the ceiling before this process was gooping off on my fingers, clothes and ladder.

basically, it just didn't work out at all. plus the dog is scared of the ladder and there is now no light in our hall and a possibly hazardous live wire hanging out of the ceiling. so...yeah. a lot of bad luck on that. hopefully, it turns around soon....

*seeing as how i actually call my partner cabana boy, i figured, why break with tradition? let the world know how things stand between us!


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