Thursday, October 18, 2012

#Rock the Vote

i am going to be gone for election day, so i had to send away for a vote by mail ballot. i have to say, it's some pretty good luck to be in a country where i get to vote, and i did so today:

maybe you'll vote, too? or not. if you don't vote, then my vote will be worth more. yeah, democracy!

speaking of voting, a friend recommended that i could really get a better sense of the good luck vs. the bad luck on this blog if i would just color code each of them. he suggested blue for good luck and brown for bad. 

i said brown always gets a bad rap. 

he said brown is the color of poop and therefore deserves what it gets.

i said brown is the color of chocolate and should be revered.

he said brown is the color of me and is obviously the worst for that reason, if for no other.


what does that have to do with voting? nothing. but i thought i'd see what y'all think about the color-coding. should i differentiate the good luck from the bad through color denotation? if so, what colors? let your voice be heard!

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  1. Using twitter, blogging and blogging about voting - you know how to get me to comment! I like blue for good luck or purple. Yellow for bad luck. Yellow is kind of a lame color - it doesn't look good on a lot of people, bees are partly yellow and they can sting you. Though, dark brown is amazing because dark chocolate is amazing, but what about tan? Is that really a color? Tan is pretty lame.


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